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My daughter had been driving my old Saturn, which was an extra car, ever since she turned 16. I work full time. She has a job, and swimming, dance, and about six other extracurricular activities. I can’t drive her to all of them, so she’s been driving herself. A lot of times, she’s also responsible for driving her friends, whose parents also work full time. The Saturn wasn’t big enough for everybody.
I needed to buy an SUV that wasn’t expensive, but was reliable. We don’t have extra money for repairs. It was going to be a stretch on the budget buying this, but there weren’t any options. I wanted one that was going to last her at least through college.
Looking online seemed like the wise thing to do, since I didn’t have time to drive around to used car lots. I finally found one that looked perfect. It was a three-year old Ford Escape. The seller was a retired man who wanted something smaller. And it was close to us, so there wouldn’t be transportation fees or details to work out.
I work for the local Constable. From time to time, I hear about neighbors (it’s a small town) who were cheated in an online transaction. They didn’t get cheated because they were stupid. They got conned by someone who had experience defrauding innocent people. I was determined not to be a victim. The constable told me that catching con men was nearly impossible. In fact, he couldn’t remember anyone arrested for online fraud.
I didn’t have time to do in-depth research on ways to protect myself, but I knew escrow websites were the way to go. On my lunch hour, I spent my time calling escrow websites.
The differences between the escrow companies were amazing. A couple sounded as if their representatives were still being trained. They didn’t have straightforward answers. In fact, one of them said, “I’ll have to let you talk to my manager.” Still another company was very pushy about setting up an account right then. All I wanted to do was get details about them.
Finally, I called The young man was friendly. He knew what he was talking about, and took all the time needed to answer my questions fully. When I asked specific questions, he was reassuring. He stated their goal was to help the buyer and the seller. Of course, he said, they wanted our business, but more importantly, wanted me to feel comfortable doing business with them. Well, I certainly did.
I got in touch with the seller of the Escape, told him about, and arranged to look at the car. My daughter went with me. She was more than happy with the way it drove and the number of people it would hold.
Both the seller and I handled our sides of the transaction with Soon, my daughter had a great car, and the seller had his money. It was as hassle-free as possible.